Phil Gorn was born & raised in San Francisco. Phil became a projectionist in his family’s repertory movie theater when he grew tall enough to see out of the projection room window (similar to the kid in Cinema Paradiso). Graduating from San Francisco State University, he began writing, producing, editing & directing features. After exploring representation for his own films, Phil found a need to start his own sales company — for himself as well as his fellow filmmakers.


Phil has produced, written, edited and/or directed 15 feature films. Running his own sales company for the past 16 years, Phil has the unique experience of being the artist and the suit – writing or finding a script, turning it into a movie then selling it around the planet. Phil’s productions get completed because there isn’t one aspect of the process (pre-production, production, post-production, sales) that Phil hasn’t completed himself (although he would prefer completing a bit more sleep).