CEO and Founder of AB&G Travel and Tours LLC and Anissa, LLC.

Business Achiever

Spiritual Dreamer

Self- Made Independent Woman,

Global Empowerment Speaker and Co-Author

Licensed Healthcare Professional

Airline Retiree

She has been featured in Women Win Digital Network Magazine, Women Win African Explosion, We Are Africa Newsletter, Billboards from ATL to NYC (Times Square), ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, USA TODAY, BOSTON HERALD, STAR TRIBUNE, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES, DIGITAL JOURNAL, MULTIPLE MAGAZINES & FM RADIO STATIONS, Black Women Who Rock in Business, 1×1 interview at the BET Awards 2022, The Los Angeles Tribune, Miami Celebrities Front Page and much more to Come.!

She learned to be Bold, Brave and to Accept her God giving assignment as she Walk by Faith  into her purpose in Life. To Soar as an Eagle and to sit in tables that are already ordained and prepared for her.

She takes pride by being a business achiever and the dedication to mentor those that come across her path. In 2013 Anissa founded AB&G Travel and Tours LLC. “We Are Committed To Helping You!” She consistently exercises her talent for professionalism, with an impeccable work ethic, impactful efficiency, a sharp polished image, and commitment to serve others with charitable awareness.