The Secret to Success

The Secret to Success  


What is the secret to becoming a successful producer, script writer, director or actor? Since I have had the opportunity to teach in film schools and universities, this has been one of the most frequently questions asked questions by the majority of my students. The first time I ever responded to that question, I thought to myself, “if such a secret existed, I would have to say that it is a combination of effort, love for what you do, humility in moments of success, self-criticism in moments of failure and many other values that my professors and classmates have imparted onto me over the last 15 years. To this day, I believe this is all true but… with time.  I have come to the conclusion that, above all, that is what you must learn. This in my opinion, would be the secret. Besides everything else, in our profession, no matter what specialty you decide to choose, you must be aware that that many have walked down that same road. Obviously, you can add new parallel paths to that road, but the base, the path has already been cleared, and although many may get discouraged, this is good news. It means that we don’t have to walk blindly, and we can learn from other people’s experiences.   And just like them we can share ours. We have to remember that in our profession most of our work requires teamwork. Teams that do not work as a team and communicate, will rarely win. So, does this mean that we cannot reach success without learning from others? I would suppose the answer is “no”. Innate talent sometimes allows the most gifted “franchise players” (to continue with the sports metaphor) to reach the goal regardless of circumstances.  But even in these cases, no matter how much success is achieved, it would have been greater accompanied by a passion to learn from others and from those who preceded us.  The result would inevitably have been even better, or at least the process would have been easier. Therefore, it stands to reason that no matter how much talent you have, the method is clear.

In addition, you must learn how to learn.  What exactly does, ‘learn how to learn’ mean? One way I can explain this is; think of yourself as your own company. After all, we are professionals, so we are our own brand. You are the product and your own the company. It doesn’t matter if you are an independent artist or the executive of a multinational.

As your own company there are other things that are require, including self-investment, development and innovation (I+D+I) if you want to succeed and prolong your success over time.  So, learning to learn is nothing more than developing your own formula (I+D+I). As with companies, this requires some investment, but in our case, its required in small quantities. You might say that self-investment in our case is as obvious as watching as many movies, art exhibitions and plays as we can, and, above all, to continue to read as many books as we are able to. When I say “as we are able to”, I mean not only the ones we like, but also those we don’t like as much but we know they’re good for us. We need an overview of the environment, if we want move forward successfully.  As for the development applied to ourselves, it would be nothing more than a combination of humility, empathy and intellectual effort. Humility to share with others, what we have learned and to recognize what others propose, as part of a better approach than our own vision. Empathy to put yourself in the place of each of the members from the teams that you work with and try to help them, with all due respect, in the hopes that, in turn, they also improve in learning. Remember that if you surround yourself with good people, would will be better. Finally, we refer to the the intellectual effort that is required to be alert, so that every little detail of each project or each reading will serve to continue weaving the network of your knowledge. If we really try our best to do all of the above and understand that we will continue to do so, for the rest of our lives…success will be a natural consequence that will come sooner or later, but it will be sure to come.

– Néstor Hernández es an Executive Producer who has worked for 15 years developing and producing projects for companies like  HBO, Myspace, RTVE, Telefonica, Mediaset, and others.

Media Outlets for Promotion

Here is a list of local media outlets you can contact to promote your film:

Miami Herald

Miami New Times

City: Miami, FL
Owner: Community Television Foundation of South Florida
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Educational Full-Power – 1000 kW

ID: “CBS 4”
City: Miami, FL
Owner: CBS Corporation
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 1000 kW
Subchannels: 4.1 WFOR/CBS, 4.2 Decades

ID: “NBC 6”
City: Miami, FL
Owner: NBC Universal
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 1000 kW
Subchannels: 6.1 WTVJ/NBC, 6.2 NBC Weather Plus

City: Miami, FL
Owner: Sunbeam Television
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 31 kW

WGEN MundoMax
ID: “MundoMax 8”
City: Key West, FL
Owner: Mapale, LLC (Operated by Caracol TV)
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 7 kW
Subchannels: 8.1 WGEN/MundoMax

ID: “Local 10”
City: Miami, FL
Owner: BH Media
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 156 kW
Subchannels: 10.1 WPLG/ABC, 10.2 Me TV

City: Miami, FL
Owner: Francois Leconte
Station Info: Digital Low-Power – 3 kW
Subchannels: 11.1 WDFL/CNN Latino

City: Miami, FL
Owner: Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Educational Full-Power – 870 kW

WSBS Spanish
ID: “Mega TV”
City: Key West, FL
Owner: Spanish Broadcasting System
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 1 kW

City: Miami, FL
Owner: Univision Communications
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 535 kW

ID: “My 33”
City: Miami, FL
Owner: CBS Corporation
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 1000 kW

WVFW-LD Spanish
City: Miami, FL
Owner: Claro Communications
Station Info: Digital Low-Power – 15 kW
Subchannels: 34.1 WVFW

City: Miami, FL
Owner: Ion Media Networks
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 200 kW
Subchannels: 35.1 WPXM/ION, 35.2 Qubo, 35.3 Ion Life

City: Miami, FL
Owner: James J. Chladek
Station Info: Class-A – 14 kW

City: Miami, FL
Owner: Tribune
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 1000 kW
Subchannels: 39.1 WSFL/CW, 39.2 Azteca America

WJAN-CD Spanish Indepedent
ID: “America TeVe”
City: Miami, FL
Owner: Sherjan Broadcasting Company
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Class-A – 15 kW
Subchannels: 41.1 America Teve/WJAN, 41.2 Teveo

W43CB Spanish Religious
City: Matecumbe, FL
Owner: Ministerio Oscar Aguero
Station Info: Low-Power – 120 kW

WHDT-LP Deutsche Welle
City: Miami, FL
Owner: MIG Broadcast Group / Guenter Marksteiner
Station Info: Digital Low-Power – 15 kW

City: Miami, FL
Owner: Trinity Broadcasting Network
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 1000 kW
Subchannels: 45.1 WHFT/TBN, 45.2 Church Channel, 45.3 JCTV, 45.4 Enlace USA, 45.5 Smile of a Child

City: Miami, FL
Owner: America CV Station Group
Station Info: Low-Power – 150 kW
Subchannels: 48.1 WFUN/Teveo, 48.2 America TeVe

ID: “Telemundo 51”
City: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Owner: NBC Universal
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 1000 kW

WBEC Educational
City: Boca Raton, FL
Owner: Broward County Public Schools
Web Site:
Station Info: Digital Educational Full-Power – 1000 kW

ID: “Unimas 69”
City: Hollywood, FL
Owner: Univision Communications
Station Info: Digital Full-Power – 1000 kW
Subchannels: 69.1 Unimas, 69.2 Bounce TV, 69.3 GetTV, 69.4 Grit TV

Netflix Takes ‘Gringolandia’ For U.S., Latin America

Gringolandia, Chile

Courtesy of Contento

Web Serie Hits 4.5 Million Views At Youtube

BARCELONA — Netflix will stream popular Chilean webseries “Gringolandia” not just in Chile but also in U.S. and all Latin America.

A six seven minute web-skein, “Gringolandia” has cumed 4.4 million views for the whole series on YouTube, and 84,466 followers.

The Netflix version will include unseen material and first and second seasons. Series creators have announced a third season.

“It’s the first Latin American web series that migrates from Youtube to Netflix. And only the second one worldwide after “Video Game High School,” Cristobal Ross told Variety proudly.

“I feel very happy and optimistic about the future of online independent content,” he added.

“Gringolandia” (Spanish Latin American slang for the  “U.S.”) is a web series created, and directed by Ross and produced by him via shingle produced Contento. It turns on Peter, a Chilean entrepreneur who falls in love with Stacey, a U.S. woman, and follows her to the Big Apple. There he sets up a company called “Yankee Way,” selling “completos chilenos,” which is a Chilean sandwich version of a hot dog.

Main role is played by well-known TV actor Koke Santa Ana (Luis R. Vera’s “Fiesta Patria”), who nabbed a best actor prize at the New York Web Fest in 2013. Santa Ana has been called the “Chilean Cantinflas.”

Streaming service Netflix has already worked with Chilean helmer Nicolas Lopez, co-producing his “Worst Friends Forever.”  Deal marked an potential business model for lower-cost Latin American cinema production. 

Trained as an engineer, Ross began his cinema career in New York two years ago. He also produced webseries “Entretiempo” and is the CEO of his own production company, Contento.

Netflix announced in August the shoot of its first Brazilian webseries, “3%.”

Already established in Latin America, Netflix will launch on Oct. 20 in Spain.

‘Whatever, Linda’ Web Series To Get TV Adaptation By ‘Orphan Black’ Co-Creator & Mark Gordon Co.

Whatever Linda

Critically praised Canadian web series Whatever, Linda, is being adapted as a half-hour TV series by The Mark Gordon Company, with Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson executive producing.

mansonInspired by America’s recent financial crisis, Whatever, Linda is a wickedly dark comedy set in 1978 about four disenfranchised secretaries on Wall Street who become the engineers behind the world’s most notorious Ponzi scheme.

The web series’ original co-creators Hannah Cheesman, who also starred, and Julian De Zotti will write and executive produce the TV series version, in which Cheesman will not be acting. MGC’s Gordon and Nick Pepper also executive produce, while the web series’ producers James Milward of Secret Location, Touchpoint Films’ Kevin Saffer, and Aberrant Pictures’ Mackenzie Donaldson will serve as producers. Cheesman and Donaldson previously worked with Manson on Orphan Black.

The original web series, which debuted last year, has played at over 20 festivals and won 20 awards worldwide, including Best Drama Series at the International Academy of Web Television Awards (aka Web Emmys). The series was also nominated for three Canadian Screen Awards including two Best Actress nods and one for Best Web Drama. Here’s a trailer:

The TV adaptation stems from the corporate synergy between Secret Location and The Mark Gordon Co; both are co-owned by Entertainment One, which will handle international distribution.

Whatever, Linda comes on the heels of The Mark Gordon Co.’s announcement of The Barbary Coast, a period drama series directed and co-written by Mel Gibson, who will recur, and starring Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson.

In addition to the acclaimed BBC America clone drama series Orphan Black, which Manson co-created with director John Fawcett, Manson’s credits also include Endgame, Flashpoint, The Bridge and feature film Cube. Cheesman has also written short films Brunch Bitch and Cheese. De Zotti’s writing credits include the feature film New Year and short film Menage a Quoi?

Manson is repped by CAA and Brillstein Entertainment Partners in the U.S., and The Jennifer Hollyer Agency in Canada. Cheesman is with Paradigm and Rob Gomez Management in the U.S., and Amanda Rosenthal Talent in Canada. De Zotti is repped by Bohemia Group in the U.S. and Oldfield Talent Management in Canada. The deal with Mark Gordon Co. was negotiated by attorneys James Feldman and Jonathan Shikora on behalf of the creative team.

¡Vótanos para el Miami Web Fest!

Queridos seguidores,

Como algunos ya sabréis este año Generación Z participa en el certamen de webseries Miami Web Fest. Uno de los galardones a los que opta la serie es el Premio del Público. Y aunque Florida queda lejos, ayudar a la serie tan sólo está a un click de distancia…


¡Ayúdanos con un voto a través de la web oficial para conseguir el Premio del Público! Bien pulsando sobre la imagen anterior o mediante este enlace.

Para más info podéis consultar nuestro twitter @GeneracionZ , facebook y canal de Youtube

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La serie ‘Sunset’ del realizador alcoyano Xavier Cortes seleccionada para el Miami Web Fest

La web serie también tomará parte en la sección oficial del Bilbao Fest 2015 y del WebFest de Berlin

Xavier Cortés en un momento del rodaje de ‘Sunset’

El realizador alcoyano, que ya triunfó a nivel internacional con su web serie ‘Desenterrados’ galardonada con el premio a la mejor Dirección y al mejor Diseño de Sonido en el Web Series Festival 2013  de Los Ángeles (California) y que recientemente ha sido adquirida por una plataforma de contenidos televisivos alemana,  ha vuelto a dar en el clavo con su nueva web serie ‘Sunset’.

La serie ha sido seleccionada para participar en la sección oficial del Miami Web Fest 2015, cuyo jurado estará compuesto por directivos de la Marvel, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros, Fox, NBC, HBO, CBS, Discovery, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures y Tribeca Films. Las proyecciones tendrán lugar en el histórico Tower Theather situado en la Southwest 8th Street de Miami.

También lo hará en la sección oficial del Bilbao Web Fest 2015, que se celebrará en el Mueso Guggenheim y cuya sede estará situada en el centro cultural Bizkaia Aretoa, uno de los centros culturales más importantes del País Vasco. La web serie alcoyana competirá con las mejores web series de Canadá, USA, Noruega, Francia, Italia, Alemania, Korea del Sur, Nueva Zelanda y Australia.

Y  los días 4 y 5 de Septiembre hará lo propio en el WebFest de Berlin, un festival internacional independiente  que quiere convertirse en referencia del entretenimiento on-line a nivel europeo.

‘Sunset’ cuenta la historia de Génesis, una científica que acaba de ser despedida del Instituto de Observación Solar, justo en el momento en el que descubre cambios en el Sol de consecuencias letales para la vida en la Tierra. Incapaz de conseguir que alguien escuche su alarma, opta por rescatar a su hermana Rebeca, y protegerla del inminente cataclismo en un refugio de montaña de la infancia. El encuentro parece la ocasión perfecta para olvidar un trágico suceso ocurrido en el pasado.

Xavier Cortés que además de haber dirigido programas documentales y entretenimiento para TV, es componente del equipo de dirección de Tipografía La Moderna desde su fundación, y ha recibido, entre otros, el Premio Ciudad de Almenara por el documental ‘Erugues i Crisàlides’ que también resultó finalista en el Unicef Festival internacional de TV de Barcelona, el Primer Premio Proyectos Audiovisuales de TVV por la serie ‘Moments i Ciutats’. Y los IX Premi Tirant d’Arguments por el proyecto de serie ‘Penjats a l’Espai’. Actualmente trabaja en una nueva web serie que lleva por título ‘Benvinguts al cel’ de corte dramático en la que además de director, es también responsable del guión y de la fotografía.

cartela sunset festivals_TLM

El Miami Web Fest pone su mirada en las webseries españolas

8La webserie valenciana ‘Sin Vida Propia’, las madrileñas ‘Libres’ y ‘El Gran Día de los Feos’, la granadina ‘La grieta’ y la sevillana ‘Generación Z’ han sido seleccionadas para participar en la edición de 2014 del Festival Miami Web Fest, que se celebra del 2 al 5 de octubre.’Sin vida propia’, que emite su segunda temporada a través del portal de Youtube, participará en este festival anual en el que compiten alrededor de 100 webseries de todo el mundo. La webserie ya ha recogido varios premios internacionales, como el premio a mejor serie extranjera en el Vancouver Web Fest (Canadá) y a mejor comedia extranjera y ‘mejor actriz’ en el LA Web Fest (Los Ángeles, EEUU) los pasados meses de abril y mayo. Sus próximas citas internacionales son en los festivales de Austin Web Fest (Texas), Melbourne Web Fest (Australia), Marseille Web Fest (Francia) y Campiflegrei Web Fest (Nápoles)

SanFranLand WINS Best Screenwriting at Miami Web Fest!


SanFranLand (Ryan Lynch) (winner)
LARPs: The Series

Noirhouse (winner)
While Waiting for Godot

“First Dates” is a Miami Web Fest Selection!

6Less than a week after debuting our web seriesFirst Dates has been selected as an “Official Selection” of the Miami Web Fest.

I have to say, we were quite surprised to be chosen so quickly. We only released the first episode of First Dates on July 27th, and on August 1st we got the email that we had been selected. It was rather stunning to us, given that we had only finished Episode 1.1 the Monday morning prior, and we still don’t have the 3rd episode that we had to send to Miami entirely complted. Nevertheless, our roughcuts appears to have done the job, and your boys and girls from First Dates will be down in South Beach on September 25th!

That said, we’d still love your support! The Miami Web Fest has a People’s Choice Award, in which the web series with the most online and offline votes gets awarded trophy and a cash prize! You can help us out by voting here!

So what happens now that we are in a web festival?

Well, for starters, you can expect some of us to be living it up on South Beach later this Fall. As much as we love making content that people can enjoy and laugh at, I think we enjoy South Beach even more! So we’ll be out there, watching a bunch of web native content, meeting and greeting with other filmmakers and content creators, and doing what we do best, imitating art in our real lives!

For those who want more information about the 2015 Miami Web Fest, you can check it out by going to their official website here. There you can get more information about the event and all of the festivities that will take place. You can also get all of the logistical information, like the details on the official hotel, where the screenings will take place and how much festival passes cost.

And if you just flat out want to know more about our participation in the festival, please feel free to hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions. As I said, we just found out about our selection this past Saturday, so we still have some info to dig up ourselves. But as we get more information, we’ll be sure to share it with you and get you all of the important details as soon as we get them.

Again, thanks for your support, and I hope you’ll keep watching First Dates since we’re big time “award nominees” now!

CON Wins Best Drama, Best Actor (Joey Livingston) At the Miami Webfest

CON Web series

CON came out victorious this weekend in Miami with not one, but two wins: BEST DRAMA and BEST ACTOR (Joey Livingston). Livingston plays Jonah in CON, the controlling architect who team up with Iris (Nicole Dambro), the reckless lone wolf.

The cast and crew spent the ten day Miami Webfestival networking with creators from other shows, notably Best in Fest Anamenesis and Best Sci-Fi Anacostia. They also did important networking things, like singing karaoke at 4am and celebrating their victory by staying in and eating pizza.

CON win
Amy Suto (co-showrunner), Chae Talley (Aiden), Joey Livingston (Jonah), Avi Kaye (director) and Sandy Valles (Faye) win BEST DRAMA and BEST ACTOR (Joey Livingston) at the Miami Webfest


selfie with one of the photographers

Stay tuned for more photos and exclusive cast interviews!